In 1998, MISIA made her singer debut with “Tsutsumi Komuyouni This song and her ballad “Everything (2002)” established her as a national singer. She is also the first solo woman singer who took the 5 major Japanese Dome concert tour.

Her exciting singing ability of the groove gives a shock to the music scene at that time of her debut and spread “club culture” throughout Japan.

Her Asian concert tour was a big success, too. With the world-class sound quality and popularity, now she is a one of the most popular Japanese singers and well-known of ASIA.

In addition, her live performance is always highly evaluated. In a large-scale concert, she surprises the audience with innovative director using computers. In the concert of live performance, she fully demonstrates her ability as an entertainer. And she enjoys sessions with world leading musicians and is exploring the latest grooves.

On 2018, the 20th anniversary, she is still very active. At “Fuji Rock”, the greatest summer music festival in Japan, she fascinated the world with her performance.

She has made a social contribution or than 10 years, like supporting children’s education. She appeals to the world the importance of love and peace with these activities, not only her songs.

Her way of living always have strong influence on society.


出身於日本長崎縣,擁有國際觀視野的亞洲代表性歌手。 於1998年以出道曲「深情包圍⋯(つつみ込むように…)」竄紅,卓越的律動感唱腔帶給日本音樂歷史上衝擊的一頁。 2000年發表的情歌「Everything」爆紅後成為國民人氣歌手,2004年以史上首位女歌手舉行日本國內五大巨蛋巡迴。在亞洲各國的演出也獲得莫大成功。

此後,不被 J-POP 所侷限而開始進行更多挑戰,立足於日本的 CLUB 文化之中。並於具國際水準的聲音與強大的人氣取得雙贏。 做為一線實力歌手持續舉行的演唱會,以使用各種不同嶄新技術而舉辦的大型巡迴演唱會為中心,在僅以樂器的現場演奏為主的演唱會中貫徹娛樂性,並享受於跟許多頂級音樂人的即興創作之中探索最新的律動節奏。出道20週年的今年(2018年)於音樂祭的最高峰『FUJI ROCK』向世界展現實力。 另外對於社會公益活動也相當積極,尤其在兒童教育支援上竭盡全力。在音樂之中想要傳達的訊息,與參與社會公益活動的行動如出一轍也是值得一書。 如此藝術性強烈的生活風格,獲得許多不分年齡性別的強烈共鳴。